Crack Rodriguez

El Torcer de la Cruz

San Salvador, El Salvador

August 1 - 30, 2018

Recommended by Claire Breukel of Y.ES 

Artist Statement

Artivist lives and works in La Libertad, El Salvador, is a member of the art production company “The Fire Theory” and the artivist movement “Los Siempre Sospechosos de Todo”.

Their practice and actions are intrinsically related to the social, political and popular culture, from where they build strong ties with the public that react and / or participate and often become part of their work, not as a passive spectator, But as a catalyst that activates the social context trying to question and demystify symbols and narratives told from the abuse of power who want to impose their version of post truth as the official.

Beneficiary and participant of Landings Project of curator Joan Duran Merida, Yucatan / Belize platform that focuses on the critical and political thinking of Rodriguez.

He has been invited to the Creative Time Summit 2017 “Homeland and Revolution” of the Creative Time consortium and The Power Plant Art Gallery in Toronto, Canada for speak him topic presentation " Ignorance as revolution and Fear as Homeland " . Open Source Project Art Residence The Fire Theory September 2017 Brooklyn New York. He has been nominated Emerging Artist Grant MISOL 2014 of the MISOL Foundation in Bogotá, Colombia. He was Fellows of the Zummer Akademy Paul Klee 2015, curated by Hassan Khan Berne, Switzerland. Selected for artistic residency DESPINA 2016 “Art and Activism in Latin America” Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / September -October 2016.

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