Jeremy Gobe


Paris, France

January and February 2016

Curated by Jose Diaz, hosted in conjunction with The Bass

Artist Statement

Since the beginning of the development of is artistic practice, Jérémy Gobé confronts the question of work and the repeated gesture. He also evokes the subject of abandoned factories which leave workers without work, materials unused and works unfinished.

Over the course of his exhibitions in France (Palais de Tokyo, CENTQUATRE) and internationally (BASS MUSEUM, HANGZU CHINA MUSEUM,…) his artistic method has come to resemble a scientific one : an experimental protocol outlining the path of discovery. While attempting to upset the established creative processes, Jérémy has instinctively created artistic “parasites”, artefacts that bear witness to these encounters. He explores the links between Art, Social Science and Nature. He has launched himself into artistic experimentations in harmony with the scientific method.

In line with the idea formulated by Rodin that “Art which has life does not reproduce the past but continues it”, he testifies that in-between the study of our society and scientific discovery exists an inexhaustible source of new fascinations and myths from where he can find inspiration in the hunt for the art of tomorrow.

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