Sara Caruso


Artist Statement

Caruso’s work often depicts male nudes, thereby subjecting the male form to the same degree of objectivity and fetishisation that the female form has endured throughout history. Caruso believes that the nude male form in art is underrepresented in contemporary dialogue because it is often interpreted as taboo or offensive; or it can be portrayed as homoerotic. As a female artist, she aims to question the ways in which heteronormative values continue to dictate contemporary subject matter. Her aim is to portray the sensual male nude.

Like most figurative artists, Caruso is inspired by sculptures of Antiquity and the Renaissance. However, she does not work from live models. Instead, she finds her references from strangers on the internet, often pornography. She is merging historical painting techniques with the digital age.


Sara Caruso is a figurative artist based in Miami, FL. She graduated with a BFA from Florida State University in 2017 with a focus in painting and ceramics.

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Instagram: @ssaracaruso