Pangea Kali Virga



Pangea Kali Virga is an enthusiastic creator who's work spans many sides of the fashion and art industry. She is a fashion designer, stylist, curator, and producer with high standards and a conceptual spirit. Her aim is to build collaborative networks and moving experiences through her work and all of her projects. 

In 2014, after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Pangea started her self-titled womenswear line of couture, focused on one of a kind hand-worked textiles and garments. Through her designs Pangea Kali Virga explores the topics of identity, environmentalism, and performance. Pangea Kali Virga specializes in couture techniques and installation specific sculptural garments and produces two collections annually. So far Ms.Virga has produced collections for 9 runways and a variety of musical and theater productions.  In 2018 Pangea designed both men and women's mass produced ready to wear collections for Yaly Couture while in Vietnam. 

With a natural eye for styling, Pangea started her career as a stylist in 2014 and has since produced and styled dozens of shoots with many of them being published in international magazines. Her editorials have been featured in magazines such as Huf, Arsenic, Atlas, and Factice. In 2016 Pangea also curated, styled, and mentored 23 designers for the West 18th St. Fashion show.

Now in Miami, Pangea continues to push her work, collaborating in multiple mediums with artists and musicians alike. She can be hired for custom orders, freelance design work, and styling services. Her runway samples are available for purchase upon request.

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