Jean-François Boclé

Martinique and Paris

February 5 - March 6, 2018

Sponsored in part by Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States and France Florida Foundation for the Arts .  While in residence, he will be performing at Tout-Monde Caribbean Festival held March 1-4.

Artist Statement

Jean-François Boclé is based in Paris. He was born in Martinique in 1971 where he lived for seventeen years. He studied in the fine art schools Beaux-Arts of Bourges and Beaux-Arts of Paris. 

His practice unfolds installation, painting, video, photography, performance or writing, questioning the bipolarity of our contemporaneity, oscillating between dystopia, violence, racialization or gentrification, and the possibility an We; the one glimpsed in Caribbean and on the American continent despite the Cristóbal Colón's first steps on a Bahamas island in 1492. He manifests in his work the etymology of the Caribbean: cariba, caniba, cannibal.

He exhibited recently in the CCK (Buenos Aires), ILHAM Gallery (Kuala Lumpur), Para Site (Hong Kong), Saatchi Gallery (London), Queens Museum (NYC). He participated to eleven international Biennials.

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