Albertine Stahl

Costa Rica and El Salvador

May 12 - 31, 2018

Recommended by Claire Breukel Curator of Y.ES

Artist Statement

Albertine Stahl began her training in arts in El Salvador at
the National Arts Center, CENAR, at the age of thirteen. Later,
she studied Fine Arts, with an emphasis on Painting at the
University of El Salvador and it was during this period of
academic training that she had access on two consecutive
occasions to the training program for emerging artists Espira
LA / ESPora in Managua, Nicaragua and won a grant for Visions
of Art program, based in Berlin, Germany.
In 2016, she was part of the Salvadoran group of artists
selected to represent her country at the X Biennial in Central
America, which took place in San José, Costa Rica and in
October of that same year, opened her first solo show at
TEOR/ética “When they explode, lights sublimate us”. Stahl has
been published by the Mexican magazine Terremoto, the
independent Costa Rican magazines Vacío and Ola. Since 2016,
she’s part of the program Y.ES Contemporary, directed by
curator Claire Bruekel. Her work has been part of the
acquisition suggestions from the Committee of El Salvador
Museum of Art, MARTE, in its annual auction since 2014,
obtaining in 2015 an honorable mention in that same event.
Her work belongs to the collection of Espira LA / ESPora in
Nicaragua and private collections in San Salvador, El Salvador,
Panama City, San José, Costa Rica and Colombia.

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