Julia Weist

New York, New York

April 26th-30th, 2017

In collaboration with O' Miami during National Poetry Month

Artist Statement

My work recognizes that online spaces are public spaces and as such, internet art is public art. Increasingly, digital environments—internet search results, social media feeds and digital platforms—are sites where meaning is made and this creates powerful opportunities for artistic intervention and installation. 

Among the primary concerns of my artistic practice is the visualization and manipulation of systems of digital circulation that create and communicate contemporary truth. Often my work exploits simple algorithmic principles to disrupt seemingly objective online contexts, for example internet search returns. To create these manipulations I use a variety of tools and materials including search-engine optimized websites, digital and analog advertising, strategic press coverage and public participation. 

It's been said that there's a hierarchy from data to information to knowledge and wisdom. Increasingly we're interfacing with the bottom tiers of this hierarchy through digital tools that have only minimal, if any, embedded ethics. I believe it is of vital importance to exploit and manifest the limitations of these utilities, toward a greater awareness of our contemporary condition.