Michael Jevon Demps

New Haven, CT

December 27, 2017 - January 27, 2017

Recommended by Fountainhead Alum Christina Quarles

Artist's Statement

Walk carefully in the darkness these are precarious terrains. A candle burns, wind chimes echo harsh metallic, air surges and recedes, rendering the invisible of the visible through sensate gradient. Untethering representation from vision, Michael Demps’ work translates breath into wind, water into noise, trespassing along the dangerous edges of caricature to reveal an ongoing repetition of trauma. Never singular, the objects candles cast from a racist trinket, bottles of chocolate milk, magnetic marbles, Motown refrains interrogate substance to ask something of subjectivity and the complicity of address. Bound, cast, overturned, these indices of identity and history conjure a trajectory where violence remains intimately urgently present.

Artist's Links

www.MichaelDemps.com (Coming soon)

Instagram: @ix_lives

Twitter: @ix_lives

FB: @michaeldempsstudio