Karolina Lebek

London, England

Dec 11, 2017 - Jan 3, 2018

Artist's Statement 

Karolina Lebek’s practice is an ongoing investigation of phenomenon of the sacred, with particular interest in object oriented ontology and animism. Through desire to capture the affect of memory, she’s expressing subtle and perturbing worlds and building her own lexicon of symbolic language which is populated by unspoken narratives, haunting material mysteries and taboo consciousnesses. Whilst merging sound, video, photography and sculpture, her work exists as a record of getting inside of a scar, reaching towards the most vulnerable source that yet radiates strength. It celebrates the wound and repeats the lesion, with traumatism as an opening to the future of the wound. She’s creating a theatre, a stage for invocation of the past where still and moving images activate each other and have a productive dialogue that brings to the fore exploration of the sacred, the ritual and the body.

She is involved in ongoing collaborative practice with artist Susannah Stark, recently showing works together at ’Unnatural Wealth' StudioRCA Riverlight, London, 26 July - 7 September 2017.

Audio and video works created in Miami will be exhibited in a solo show at Storefront Gallery, Luton, January – March 2018.

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