Ingrid Lee

Los Angeles, CA

Artist’s Statement

My work explores ideas of failure, becoming, and the Self/Other dichotomy through relationships between humans and technology. In adopting the idea of the automaton (a word which originally means thinking or acting of ones own will) and fusing it with human experience, one can discover models of thinking and living beyond conventional and dominant forms. My focus on technology is metaphorical, offering a lens through which to explore multiplicity in ways of learning, knowing, and living, of becoming human. Notions of the Self/Other dichotomy are central in my thinking through the machine and are expressed in my use of sounds that trigger (attack), grow from (sustain), or end (release) from different points of contact. I am interested in elements of electronic sounds, particularly that of failure in technology, on acoustic instruments, which can be disruptive, stuttering, or pure. The image of technology exiting the realm of capital can be alienating, and its embodiment, deliciously perverse. In looking at points of indistinction, failure, and the physical micro-limits of a body (both mechanical and human, in the instrument and the performer), what I think about and explore in my work are not states of human being, but of human becoming.

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