Galia Linn

Los Angeles

April 3 - 29, 2017

Artist's Statement

As a sculptor I deal with three-dimensional shapes influenced from early childhood experiences of growing up in Israel, surrounded by relics of past and present civilizations. The shapes change the land with a heavy-handed notion of familiarity that is not recognizable. The sculpture are being manipulated to the edge of their endurance; pushing and puling between the memories emerging from the stones that survived to the artist hand. Hence becoming evidences of time and action.

In my work the imperfection is explored through the crack: that which appears broken and fragile yet it is strong. The act of creating is rooted in my desire to constantly question rather then make a choice. Stretching materials to the their limits, using them in a different way that was intended and looking at beauty in a radical way. Then Setting the stage for cracks and breaks to appear and to become a part of the creation. Expanding on the ideas of Wabi-Sabi, I work to create visual experiences that transcend the acceptance of the imperfection and seeing the beauty in it.

Living in Los Angeles gives me freedom through distance and perspective through separation. My journey is to break through the stonewall of my own perception; what I appear to be and what I know I am. My art mimics the expression of that wall and the discovery of beauty; a constant battle between the effort to drill a passage and the acceptance of the still comfort that awaits on the other side.

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