PJ Mills


Artist’s Statement

These paintings focus on metaphors that emerge from the examination of common objects. I am fascinated by how objects may exist as metaphors, symbols, and stand to represent so many other things in life.  I am also amused with the irony presented when objects that were so important to us just seconds prior are now a thing of disgust. For example cigarettes, condoms, and sometimes food items.

The juxtaposition of objects arranged by visual artists are similar to that of how many poets lay down verse. Where, it is not the words or image perse that contain the power but the unknown image that arises by the examination of a solitary object or the juxtaposition of two or more. Defined as the “imago ignota” Irish Poet Seamus Heaney once said, “it is the combination of words which elevate them beyond the language of the obvious”

Artist’s Links

artist’s website:   www.pjmills.info