Paolo Ambu

Mixed media

Artist’s Statement

Everything can inspire me; emotions, nature, light or shadows. I donʼt pursue inspiration, it just happens, and whenever the inspiration comes, itʼs inevitable. I must paint. Whether Iʼm inspired by my emotions or nature, the common thread in my work is the desire to provoke and seduce the spectator.

Over the years my work has evolved from purely representational art to include more fluid and spontaneous abstractions. Sometimes these contrasting movements merge into one; figurative meets abstraction creating a connection between the two worlds.

In my work, research and discovery are the driving force that shapes each project. As an artist, I don't set out to produce art about one subject or another, sometime the materials themselves become the inspiration for a specific piece or larger body of work. I use an assortment of materials, often found then recycled; therefore the methodology and techniques are slightly different processes in each piece.

Through this experimentation, new areas of inspiration often arise that lead to the next body of work. Over time, by cross-processing my canvases some pieces have morphed into three-dimensional works, bridging traditional painting with sculpture.

Though varied in execution, similarities between the different projects, whether in subject matter, material or technique, it results in the clearly identifiable characteristics that define my work. Each piece need not be defined by the artist, but by the strength of its very existence.

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