Karen Starosta-Gilinski


Artist’s Statement

I work with tempting, sexy and provocative textured objects. The work involves psychology and an obscure side of analyzing personalities from the most tender and innocent to the most evil and complicated. My latest Series on canvas and sculptures are: “Luminescent Jewels”, “Still Life” 2008, “Your Toys” 2009, “Cotton Candy sculptures” 2009-2010, and now, Large Scale sculptures 2011. 

Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1982, and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. 

Graduated with Honors (Cum Laude) in 2005 from The Miami International University of Art & Design. Her work has been shown in Galleries, Art fairs and Art Institutions around the US, South America, Central America, & Asia (Shanghai Art Contemporary Art Fair 2010). 

Artist’s Links

artist’s website:    http://www.artslant.com/mia/artists/show/175013-karen-starosta-gilinski