Elaine Defibaugh

Paint and collage

Artist’s Statement

My work is inspired from my experience in landscape.  My main objective is to create a new language from Nature, Art & Science.  The merging of charts from research conducted on the molecular studies of plants onto my photographs serves as an underlying story revealing another element of nature we don’t visually see.  This is mysterious and intriguing to me.  I’m revealing the aesthetic of a secret language, which often is only understood by those in the hard sciences.

I intend on creating a sense of time and space allowing moments of reflection much like Monet’s Water Lilies and Edward Steichen’s Flower series. I am progressing that vision and enthusiasm by merging the organic with science and introducing the visuals found in the science of plants.

I’m interested in wallpaper because of its history and how it relates to class & culture. Often wallpaper in homes are of a botanical nature.  There is something comforting about the imagery because in a sense it transforms one into the natural environment, which adds the element of nostalgia and longing for exterior freedom.  I’ve always been inspired by William Morris’s designs from nature.  His wallpaper is classic and has the organic quality I look for when I select my printing surfaces.

Artist’s Links

artist’s website:    www.elainedefibaugh.com