David Shrobe


Curated by Dexter Wimberly

Artist's Statement

Through a convergence of a variety of media, I map my environment using found and reclaimed material collected from multiple sources, my neighborhood being onecreating a kind of field guide by which to navigate the community. The detritus of the everyday is manipulated; transcending its original purpose while transforming its pre-existing form into constructions that at once examine the past and present while imagining the future.

I deploy a cohesive range of media and formal techniques, including drawing, painting, collage, as well as found and reclaimed objects to investigate questions of consumption, identity, and our current social and ecological change. I am interested in a multi-layered exchange that rejects the linearity of conventional ideas of temporality. What is also of interest is how the different material combined become in service to something else and undergo a shift that evolves from one identity to a new. Collapsing divisions between past, present, and future offers possibilities to re-frame, and re-present; creating fragmented narratives and intersecting worlds that give birth to mythological beings and hybridized forms, who are not oriented to a specific time or place, but rather floating in a space of disquieting co-existence.  A conversation ensues through acts of decoding, deconstructing and assembling – this act becoming the work in itself.

Artist's Links

artist's website:   www.davidshrobe.com