Carla Fache


Artist’s Statement

The use of color is one of the most recognizable characteristics of my work. Through its creation and juxtaposition of its shades and layers, I combine them in a clean space, encouraging the breaking of structured paradigms and explore the matter to provoke multi sense scenarios.

My approach is very intuitive; through the use of primary elements aligned around color, I create space-contained systems driven by shapes, layers, and shades. Through its combination; the revealing processes of previously laid down layers and space, emerge.

Within their intertwined coexistence, transversal vibrations to the perspectives senses are created. Transitioning from the particular to the magnificent utilizing the tension of the space and its multiple dimensions of materials and intention drivers. Geometric and freewill elements coexist in my work to resembling universal pulsations thus creating an intended tension within layers, order, impulse and fight for balance, space matter and essence.

Every color speaks to me on multiple levels; and this dialogue is present in the synthesis of reality fragments, the future and the emotions. Structures and colors in the painting are combined to reflect this intention. Paintings are fully self- contained and a symmetrical impression of balance is present, coexisting with the free will of the color vibration.

My work is conceptually driven by a raw balance; by what you cannot see, but feel and enhances consciousness. Through what is immutable and cannot be apprehended by the intellect, but by the senses, the self - catalyzation. I make intense abstractions, and I explore the tactile texture and sensual qualities of my materials.

My work proposes a return to the contemplation and the essential. The result is a universe of color and light to which the onlooker has the chance to enter through its multiple levels of depth, intensity and vocabulary.

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