Alex Trimino

Mixed media

Artist’s Statement

Illuminated totem poles, covered in crochet, knittings and found objects reveal the similarities between the modern, hi-tech materials used (micro-controlled neon lights) and the colloquial, lo-tech crafts used (crochet, knittings and weavings); creating an equilibrium between traditions, technologies and generations. Old ways and new technologies commingle together; exploring how we connect to reality today. I use embroidery and technology, creating a connection between past and present. I am particularly interested in comparing the hyperbolic geometry used intuitively in crochet with the hyperbolic geometry used in programming micro-controllers in order to show the similarities between old traditions and new technologies, while emphasizing the contemporary relevancy ofcrafts.  My installations re-contextualize the traditional use of colloquial, lo-tech crafts; crochet, knittings and weavings exploring social views on civilization, technology and gender.

Alex Trimino was born in Colombia and lives and works in Miami, Florida. She received her BFA with a First Class Honors from Florida International University and her MFA at Florida International University. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the U.S and is included in major collections in the US. Recent exhibitions include Arte Americas, Miami Beach, FL 2010 and 2011; receiving the Arte Americas 2010 award. She is also the recipient of the Lynn Stender Award WITVA for women in the visual Arts, in Boca Raton, Florida. Presently her work can be seen at the Facsimile Show of Works from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz at the Girls’ Club Collection in Ft. Lauderdale and at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood 2011 Biennial.

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