Alex Nuñez

don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm, 2018

Multi Media

Artist's Statement

Nostalgia of iconography is transformed into swirling portals of meditation and reflection of an almost disintegrating past. Her work concentrates on the amalgamation of pop culture and personal image hoarding with explosions of color, texture and sheen. Nuñez’s work either begins with a found image/ object or the image is incorporated into an existing painting. Tropical and hypnotic mark making envelop the source material. These works become immersive environments that play on memory, erosion, overindulgence, disorientation, humor, vanity, narcissism and opulence.

Her work with banana peels depict the urgency of preserving and embellishing the present, regardless of it’s fleeting nature. Decadence is pushed toward decay. These works comment on our views of the aging process, our detrimental reliance on plastic and the natural endangerment caused by human interaction with the environment. 

Artist's Links

Artist's website:
Instagram: @shockingly_unambitious @the_sunday_painter
Twitter: @alexnunezart