Susannah Stark

Dec 11, 2017 - Jan 3, 2018

Artist Statement

Susannah Stark focuses on the power and placement of the voice, questioning how language is used in a technology-driven, digital and capitalist culture. She has an interest in the mouth as modulator which shapes and organises culture, both as a bodily organ and a machine. With many works questioning how voice functions within the context of urban space, she investigates the translation of voice into material and cultural experience. Often involving collaboration and inspired by writings on the ancient greek Cynics - she merges the economic, cultural, spiritual and personal into narration of the contradictions of contemporary living, using digital media, sound, and song.


She has previously exhibited surround sound artwork featuring vocals by musician Donald Hayden, at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016. They are developing collaborative audio work for exhibition 'Lilt, Twang, Tremor' CCA, Glasgow, 18 November 2017 - 14 January 2018

She is involved in ongoing collaborative practice with artist Karolina Lebek, recently showing works together at ’Unnatural Wealth' StudioRCA Riverlight, London, 26 July - 7 September 2017

Audio works made in Miami will be further developed at the bb15 Sound Residency-Space for Contemporary Art in Linz, Austria, January 2018, for a solo exhibition at the same location between January - February 2018.
youtube - Susannah Stark