Susanna Stark

April 1st - April 22nd

Artist Statement

Susannah Stark has a background in printmaking and works with sound, sculpture and multimedia installation incorporating or involving issues of voice, power and reappropriation. This is part of an ongoing process of exploring how much of the western identity can be constructed from diverse popular sources and how the mouth may be the modulator for such regurgitations and formations. Her work explores the slippages between objects and voices translated from digital experience, to highlight and challenge material hierarchies.

Recipient of the 2016 Augustus Martin Print Prize. Exhibitions include Orientations: Locate & Reshape Studio RCA, Vauxhall, London 2017; North East Wis-Dom New Prints 2017/Winter, International Print Center, New York, 2017. North East Wis-Dom Third CAFAM Biennial, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China 2016/17; The Wheel Surround Sound Program curated by David Gryn, Soundscape Park, New World Symphony, Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016; DIRT Art Licks Festival, London 2016.
youtube - Susannah Stark