Gregory Bae

Chicago, IL

July 17th - August 13th, 2017

Artist's Statement

 Personal events and observations lead me to speculate on natural forces and things that are greater than myself or a single individual’s capabilities. I want to contend with these frustrations and curiosities. My family’s immigration spurs meditations on planetary scale and movement. An intimate dilemma inspires futile negations against time. Traveling allows me to search for connection by beholding the sun.

Principles such as gravity, magnetism, and motion are often put to work alongside meticulous handiwork. I often engage with physical laws and properties by utilizing common machinery and objects. I am interested in disrupting or displacing technical function from purpose, hoping to reflect and engage with the abstract cognitive and emotive mechanisms that my conceptual drive springs from. I think of it as pushing an investigation of self outwards, breaching calculable values to address intangible aspects of my life.