Pepa Prieto

Madrid, Spain

Artist’s Statement

ArtistPepa Prieto, discloses all herfantasy in a world full of freshness . An oneiricworld markedby a naïve, folkytouch which shows clearlyin her use of the colour palette and the characters represented. This oneiricworldshe reproducesfull of landscapes and imaginary persons are references of her own experiences. 

The result is a composition of scenes which form a world of allegoriesand secret messages.

Her work recallsthose adolescent drawings with a simple linebut a complicated composition where extravagant inhabitants share the setting with geometric shapes, mountains, urban country sides and figures.

The cohabitation between the animal worldand the human one reminds that of children tales. 

Her very detailed work, withflat images in a range of colour and textures, has a naÔftouch but also it has a complex, humorous and ironicvisionabout the deepest human behaviour. 

In her workshe explores the most profound behaviour of human beings and their interactionwith others .

Pepa Prieto is an artistwho not only experiments inan unique field of action, she as well utilizesother formats such as installations , illustration,  painting , photography.

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In conjunction with Primary Flight,  Pepa Prieto completed a wall mural on NE 40th just across from The de la Cruz Collection.  NBC 6 caught some of the action.  <>