Luis Diaz

Miami, FL

Artist’s Statement

The  world  is a complex thing because
we made it this way.  It’s actually quite


 My art  explores  levels of the chaotic world we live in.  We are immersed  in images and saturated HD screens and touch sensitive things and  lots  and  lots  of stuff
with  lots  and  lots  of debt.
We work.  We drive.  We come home. We rest.
We wonder why we take pills for depression and watch our hyperactive kids bite each others ears off.  We block our thoughts with the latest mp3 queen and digest unnutritious food.  Happiness and health  are  the scarcest commodities.  
The solution is prescribed through our uninformed blogger and our artificial life is updated regularly to bore all our 2000 friends.  

My work is a reflection of this maddening cycle seen through  the eyes of a “hypersensitive” individual.


Luis Díaz draws from a very young age.  
People tell him he’s good.
Luis loves to draw things.
He goes to magnet high school.
He graduates from the Maryland, blah, blah, blah.
Gets a job.  Quits.  Gets another job.  Quits.
(Cycle repeats a couple more times.)
Luis seeks independence in Freelance Illustration.
Finds out it’s not very independent.
Suck it Art Directors!
Luis loves to draw things, again.

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