Lena Schmidt

Hamburg, Germany

Artist’s Statement

Lena Schmidt explores the expressive possibilities of structure and material by means of absolutely unique techniques. For the most part, she relinquishes the use of color and emphasizes the mainly wooden materiality of the work surface. Urban shadow worlds and perspectives saturated with gold are being created. Night versus day in timeless spaces. Cityscape not landscape. These alienated parallel universes devoid of organics, dissolving entirely into line, perspective, and material structure, have a dreamlike subtility and their very own optical tectonics. Levels shift, oscillate, quietly secret windows are being opened to enigmatic dimensions. 

Lena Schmidt has been studying Fine Arts at Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg since 2004. She holds a scholarship from the German National Academic Merit Foundation and is represented in the art collection of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Protection. Kunstverein Hannover, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Westwerk Hamburg and heliumcowboy artspace, amongst others, have to date shown her works. 

artist’s website:  www.lenaschmidt.com   

gallery links: www.heliumcowboy.com