Kerry Ware

Miami, FL

Artist’s Statement

My recent work continues on prepared plaster panels sometimes with the inclusion of wooden dowels inserted into the surface before the pouring of the plaster. The inclusion of the dowels is a formal element that allows my surface to be punctuated with color and texture. The process of preparing my surface is often labor intensive but one that I find to suit my sensibility for subtle surface texture and an unpredictable outcome.

 I am conservative and traditional. I want to make a picture that simply looks good. One that is beautiful and without pretense or irony. I hope for my work to exist beyond the contemporary, refusing to align my approach with current trends and fashion. I believe the materials that I am using and the process of pouring, staining, scraping and sanding the paint and plaster to be enough. My subject matter and content exist within this process.

My Influence and inspiration include the tradition of Modernism and an attempt to continue in this path of discovery through my own sensibility to the materials with which I am working.


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