Jean-Sebastien Gregoire

Montreal, Canada

Artist's Statement

Jean-Sébastien Gregoire believes that it is fundamental and inevitable to function mostly in creative forms.

In his art, Grégoire explores the pull between darkness and light. To him black is a blank canvas full of promises. Like a porthole or a non-color that signifies a rite of passage. Every piece that he creates is directly linked to the beauty he sees in nature and human emotion. He will create dark objects imbued with a positive influence. This gives his pieces a healing nature and constructs an ode to life.

His creative process is diverse and can be expressed through a wide range of materials and found-objects that can evoke something that they are not. His concepts often gravitate towards organic shapes. Even when an artwork seems very modern or synthetic, it is linked to an organic idea or detail. Like an angular spore or pollen under a microscope. Often using non-traditional materials, he creates works that are instilled with a natural elegancy and beauty.

There has always been a religious relationship between Grégoire and his works. Each work holds a specific meaning as they represent the intricacies of beings, nature, faith and life.

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