Benoit Plateus

Brussels, Belgium

September 1st - 31st, 2017

Artist's Statement

My work doesn’t neglect any medium — painting, photography, or sculpture — in order to search for ambiguities in the most mundane field of visibility. Restless observer, I like to introduces a distance between objects and their perception in order to shift them to the other side, in a space with variable dimensions and multiple interpretations.

The “BTS” series are made of movie posters mounted on canvas (B-movie most of the time). It provides some kind of skeleton to work with, in a way to make them saying something unexpected.

But what you’re actually watching at is the back of the poster. Because it’s the front which is glued onto the canvas. You can still see some details by transparency.

Then we could say that the painting is manly about erasing things. But you never know where it gonna lead you. And the repress always return.

What if the movie- but this is about all images –was seen from behind the screen ?

From one image to make several ones possible.

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