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Several locations are still being updated. For the most complete guide and directory please please download after Wednesday, May 8th.

Fountainhead announces the inaugural edition of Artists Open, the first ever Miami-Dade Countywide open studios day.  Initiated by Fountainhead and supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, 20 venues and nearly 300 artists will open their studios to the public May 11, 2019 from 11am to 6pm.

The Fountainhead is on a mission to unite artists, raise awareness of the vast talent here in Miami, and provide welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone to experience art.

Because many of the studios are not generally open to the public, information regarding ADA accessibility, parking and nearby public transportation is being provided for each location.  

To make each location easy to find, they will be clearly marked with an Artists Open pink banner.

As a green initiative we will not be distributing printed information or flyers.  

Artwork will be available for sale at many of the artists’ studios.

For press inquires please contact


All locations are listed north to south.

Studios will be marked with a vinyl banner that looks like this >

Bridge Red Art Complex -9 artists

12425 NE 13th Avenue
North Miami, Florida

Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible

Parking: Free onsite lot and free street parking

Public Transportation: On the route of the 16 Metrobus

Bridge Red Studios is an artists' complex in North Miami. Bridge Red consists of 10 working artist studios and an exhibition / project space that is run by sculptor and painter Robert Thiele and his daughter, painter Kristen Thiele. Recently, Bridge Red Studios/Project Space was the recipient of a Knight Challenge Grant to further the mission to exhibit, document, and expose the art work of strong and developed artists who do not get the exposure their work merits. Works shown include paintings, drawings, photography, collage, installation, clay art, sound, video, sculpture, and performance. Studio artists lou anne colodny, who was the first director the MOCA and it's former incarnation, the Center of Contemporary Art (COCA), has converted her studio into an exhibition space located below Bridge Red's Project Space, called Under the Bridge. Both exhibition spaces hold openings on the same Sunday evenings and closing brunches on the same Sunday afternoons. Both are open in between these events by appointment. Bridge Red is located just east of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA NOMI) and west of Biscayne Boulevard, off of 125th street.

Dona Altemus
Luisa Basnuevo
Carol K. Brown
Yanira Collado
lou anne colodny
william cordova
Kristen Thiele
Robert Thiele
Stephan Tugrul

This location also has exhibition space. The main gallery upstairs will present a selection of works by the artists in the studio complex, giving an overview of the various genres being explored. The under the bridge Art space will feature All Along, a solo exhibition by Carol Todaro.

Individual Artist Studio-

Andrew Kaufman
The AK Foto Studio

9822 NE 2nd Ave. Suite 5
Miami Shores, FL 33138

Accessibility: 2nd floor with stairs, not wheelchair accessible

Parking: Street parking

Public Transportation: One the route the 9, 10,  and 33 Metrobus lines at 98th and NE 2nd Ave.

El Portal Garden Studios

Wheelchair accessible
Parking: ample free street parking
Public Transportation: Several block walk from route of 9 Metrobus line

158NW 91st St
El Portal, FL 33150

Mette Tommerup
Robert Chambers
Carol Jazzar

8365 Studios -6 artists

8365 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33138

Accessibility: Pepe Mar’s studio is on the first floor and wheelchair accessible.  The other studios are located on the second floor and not wheelchair accessible.

Parking: Ample free street parking.

Public Transportation: On the route of the 16 Metrobus

Housed in the heart of Little Haiti just across from The Citadel 8365 provides affordable studio space to artists and is home to IRL Institute.

Dan Bondroff
Lynne Libby
IRL Institute with Eddie Negron, Moises Sanabria, and Filio Galvez
Pepe Mar

MADE at the Citadel

8325 NE 2 Avenue
Miami, FL 33138

Parking: Ample free street parking.

Public Transportation: On the route of the 16 Metrobus

Catalina Aristizabal
Katerina Friderici
Amy Abels Gelb
Valeria Gebruers
Damien Morrow
Chu Teppa
Patty Rose Rocha
Paul Sarmineto
Beverly Stone
Jenny Perez
Eduardo Caridi

Dimensions Variable (Not open from 11am-6pm, Open 6 - 10pm ONLY) -6 artists

101 NW 79th Street
Miami, FL 33150

Accessibility: One story location, fully accessible with wheelchair accessible restroom.

Parking: Ample free street parking.

Public transportation: On the route of the 112 Metrobus

Dimensions Variable (DV) is a project lead by artists committed to the education, presentation, and support of contemporary art in Miami. Through a supportive community, DV provides studios, curates exhibitions, produces external projects, publishes content, hosts discussions, develops education, and organizes events that engage the community and support challenging and experimental art practices.

Juan Pablo Garza
Laura Marsh
Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova
Women Artist Archive Miami (WAAM)—Anita Sharma
Magnus Sigurdarson
Frances Trombly

This location also has exhibition space. Dimensions Variable will conclude the day's event with their re-opening event at their new space, featuring three solo exhibitions: Arenas y Arenas y Arenas by Juan Pablo Garza, Untitled: Social Commentary by Gustavo Matamoros, and Ni Aquí, Ni Allá by Luz Carabaño.

VAG (Visual Art Group) -3 artists

201 NW 73rd Street
Miami, FL 33150

Parking: Ample free street parking

Accessibility: Studios are located on first floor and are wheelchair accessible.

Public Transportation: On the route of the 2 and Metrobus lines- NW 2nd Avenue line

The VAG (Visual Art Group) is an inclusive collaborative space in Little River/Little Haiti where persons are free to investigate, explore and experiment in all arts and mediums. Embracing reflection in both the feminine as much as the masculine formats and extremes. Educational platforms are used in and around the space to engage with the surrounding community and beyond.

Moira Holohan
Sara Kaplan  
Kandi Stirman

Fountainhead Studios -31 artists

7328 NW Miami Ct.
Miami, FL 33150

Accessibility: The majority of studios are located on the first floor which is accessible with a wheelchair accessible restroom. The second floor is accessible only via stairs.

Parking: Free onsite lot and ample free street parking.

Public transportation: Closest Metrobus lines are the 9 and 10 which runs on NE 2nd Ave which is two blocks away

The Fountainhead, founded in 2008, serves as a catalyst for growth and sustainability in the professional careers of artists, provides Miami art professionals and enthusiasts access to emerging talent from around the world, cultivates new audiences for the arts and collaborates with institutions and businesses supporting the growth of Miami’s art and cultural community building a global family that transcends all borders and continues to give back.  The Fountainhead Studios provides Miami-based artists working in all mediums with affordable, flexible, raw working studio space outside of the public eye. The Studios are open to the public only twice a year.

Paolo Ambu
Stephen Arboite
Claudia Calle
Sara Caruso
Eduardo daRosa
Julie Davidow
Elaine Defibaugh
Nereida Garcia-Ferraz
Stephanie Hadad
Doris Kloster
Don Lambert
Rachel Lee
Mateo Nava
Lori Nozick
Alex Nunez
Bibiana Martinez
PJ Mills
Vickie Pierre
Sri Prahba
Emanuel Ribas
David Rohn
Santiago Rubino
Karen Starosta
Sara Stites
Juana Valdes
Erni Vales
Pangea Kali Virga
Michelle Weinberg

Visiting Fountainhead Residency Artists:
Narsiso Martinez -Los Angeles
Terrence Musekiwa -Zimbabwe
Elechi Todd -Trinidad

Individual Artist Studios

Parking: Street parking and some dedicated lots.

Accessibility: All studios are on street level and wheelchair accessible.  

Michael Loveland: 65 NW 71st St

Brookhart Jonquil and Chris Hausbeck: 591 NW 71st St

Milk District -13 artists

Located between NE 69th St and NE 67th St, between NE 3rd Ave and 4th Ave

Parking: Ample free parking. Do not block warehouse rollup doors

Accessibility: All studios are on street level and wheelchair accessible.  There are no public restrooms.

Public Transportation: All public transportation options would require several blocks of walking

Self organized by artists in search of affordable and raw workspace the Milk District was formed.  Dubbed this because of its location next to McArthur Milk Factory, this is a thriving scene of talented, hardworking artists normally closed to the public.  A map of the district with studio locations will make this exciting area easy to navigate. Park once and walk.

Franky Cruz: 6972 NE 3rd Ave

Sinisa Kukec: 6932 NE 4th Ave

Juan Hoyos: 6940 NE 4th Ave

Michael Vazquez and Ernesto Kunde: 391 NE 69th St

Fancy Nasty Studio including Stuart Sheldon, Trek 6 and Post Icon Collective including Adrian Avila, Max Guebarra, Alberto Blanco, Kalyan: 6728 NE 4th Ave

Collective62 Art Studios -5 artists

827 NW 62nd St
Miami, FL 33150

Parking: Ample free parking in the lot next to 931 NW 62nd St.

Accessibility: This complex is on one level and wheelchair accessible. There is a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

Public Transportation: On the route of the 62 Metrobus line

Collective62 Art Studios is an independent art space devoted to creation outside of the traditional circuits of art. Located in Liberty City, Collective 62 also seeks to reverse the growing phenomenon of gentrification through regeneration that derived from creation and community-based workshops.

Amalia Caputo
Jonvi Del Sol
Khotan Studios
Anja Marais
Molly McGreevy
Nina Surel

Laundromat Art Space -13 artists

5900 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33137

Parking: There is a free dedicated lot and ample free street parking.

Accessibility: The studios are all on the first floor and are wheelchair accessible.  There is a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

Public Transportation: On the route of 9 and 10 Metrobus lines.

Laundromat Art Space is an artist-run studio and exhibition space for professional artists, located in the neighborhood of  Little Haiti in Miami, FL.

Our 4,500 sq ft space houses 10 artist studios and a gallery. We offer engaging community programming and contemporary art exhibitions. Resident artists have the unique opportunity to be part of an environment which fosters collaboration between multidisciplinary creatives and draw influence from the microcosm of culture which defines Miami.

Founded in 2015 by Alumni from The Art Center South Florida, Bakehouse Art Complex, and the Wynwood Arts District, Laundromat Art Space is a collective which focuses on the development of local artists, provides innovative curatorial opportunities and artistic programming for the community.

Jay Bellicchi
Jorge Chirinos-Sanchez
Pablo Contrisciani
Marina Gonella
Juan Henriquez
Andres Martinez
Christin Paige Minnotte
Rosa Naday-Garmendia
Erin Parish
Devora Perez
Donna Ruff
Ronald Sanchez
Lisu Vega

Individual Artist Studio

Tom Virgin (Extra Virgin Press)

5900 NW 2nd Ave., Little Haiti

Flowerbox Projects

5708 NE 4th ave. Miami FL 33127

Accessibility: Kyle Trowbridge's Show " Eyes and Ears " is located on the first floor. The other studios are located on the second floor and not wheelchair accessible.  

Parking: Ample free street parking. 

Flowerbox is a studio + project space, supporting emerging artists, through exhibitions and creative workshops that change with every season of the year.

Phil Lique
David Marsh 

Exhibit: Kyle Trowbridge - "Eyes and Ears"

ArtHood56 -4 artists

5600 NW 7th Ave.
Miami FL 33127

Parking: Free street parking is available

Accessibility: The studios are located on the first floor and are wheelchair accessible.

Public Transportation: On the route of the 62 and 77 Metrobus lines

Located in the most diverse and upcoming hot spot in the 7th ave creative district in Miami. ArtHood56 is a space built for the art community. In this environment, artists have various opportunities to collaborate amongst each other. It is a place for interactive participation. We encourage open dialogue across backgrounds, mediums, interests, and cultures.

Jason Baldwin
Edgar Gutierrez
Didi Kadosh
Jose Mora

Hialeah Arts District : 301 Studios- 4 artists

301 Hialeah Drive
Hialeah, FL 33010

Parking: Free street parking is available

Accessibility: The studios are located on the first floor and are wheelchair accessible.

Adeide Delgado (suite 115)
Francisco Maso (suite 115)
Anabel Ruiz (suite 109)
Arnaldo Simon (suite 114)

Miami Design District

Magnus Sodamin: 75 NE 39th St

Heloisa Maia: 39 NE 39 St

Oliver Sanchez
Swamp Space:
3940 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Exhibition: RCS 76-100 Exhibit is a multimedia group show featuring participants of the Rocking Chair Sessions podcast, curated by BABA Collective. This show is a celebration of both visual artwork and audio collected, presenting a tapestry of works by 25 artists and cultural producers focusing on histories: Histories of immigration - Histories of the body - Histories of material - Histories of our environment - Histories of South Florida.

VAST Art & Creative Studios

3404 NW 7th Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

Parking: Parking lot on site

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

Public Transportation: 77 Bus to NW 7 Ave & 35 Street

Claudio Roncoli
Andres Dominguez
Patricio Gonzalez Bezanilla
Betiana Bradas

Collective Art Miami

3438 NW 7th Ave., Miami, FL 33127

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible
Parking: Free parking behind studio, pull in on 34th street off 7th.
Public Transportation: Metro bus 77 goes north and south on NW 7th Ave, (441)

Mark Diamond

Bakehouse Art Complex -61 artists

561 NW 32nd St,
Miami, FL 33127

Parking: Onsite dedicated lot and ample street parking.

Accessibility: First floor is wheelchair accessible with an elevator to the second floor.  There are wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

Public Transportation: The nearest bus stop is at NW 7 Av & NW 32 St on the 77 Metrobus.

Bakehouse envisions a world that supports and values artists and recognizes their ability to shape, reflect, and transform our world. Our mission is to address the need for affordable live, live-work, and work spaces for artists in Miami’s urban core.

Jason Aponte
Kevin Arrow
Maria-Theresa Barbist
Tom Bils
Judith Berk King
Amanda Bradley
German Caceres
Beatriz Calderón
Maritza Caneca
Domingo Castillo
Robert Chambers
Fernando Cuétara
Alain Castoriano
Luiz d'Orey
Irina Dakhnovskaia Lawton
Kayla Delacerda
Cara Dodge
Morel Doucet
Jenna Efrein
Diana Espin
Augusto Esquivel
Ian Fichman
Gabriela Gamboa
Gabriela Garcia
Adler Guerrier
Sarah Henderson Licht
Monique Lazard
Rhea Leonard
Tara Long

Xavier Lujan
Roberto Mata
Clara Toro
Juan Matos
Nicole Maynard-Sahar
Sean Mick
Patricia Monclus
Aja Monet
Isabela Muci
Myung Nam An
Qinza Njam
Patrick Oleseon
Amanda Ortega
Joachim Perez
Christina Pettersson
Michelle Polissaint
Jose Pita Vazquez
Sandra Ramos
Michael Rivamonte
Sterling Rook
Sebastian Ruiz
Nicole Salcedo
Tina Salvesen
Mary Ellen Scherl
Mateo Serna Zapata
Lauren Shapiro
Troy Simmons
Andrea Spiridonakos
Alejandra Suarez
Gerbi Tsesarskaia
Tonya Vegas
Pedro Wazzan
Valeria Yamamoto
Salvador Zárate

Bakehouse Art Complex features two exhibition spaces, which will have on view the following exhibitions:
Another Beautiful Day in Miami, presented by Bakehouse Art Complex in collaboration with The Gallery Club, a non-profit foundation for photography based in Amsterdam, features the photography-based works of four Bakehouse artists: Maritza Caneca, Gabriela Gamboa, Jacqueline Gomez, and Adler Guerrier.

Where the Land is Free, presented by Bakehouse Art Complex in collaboration with VOICES: Poetry for the People, features a group exhibition of visual art and poetry inspired by local grassroots community organizing.

Los Bandidos del Arte- 3 artists

250 NE 25 Street, Suite 303
Miami, FL 33137

Parking: Street parking available, free spots available on NE 25th Street (to the East and West of Biscayne)

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible. Elevator on site.

Public Transportation: Miami trolley stop at NE 24 Street/ Biscayne Blvd.

Jennifer Johnson
Nicolas Guillen 4th
Bojidara Bratovanova

Frank Hyder  Studio /Projects Gallery 

250 nw 23rd st Wynwood lofts suite 206/208

 Accessibility: there is a ramp and elevators my studio has handicap bathroom

Parking: on street parking and garages in area 

27/20 Studios -18 artists

2630 NW 20th Street
Miami, FL 33142

Parking: Onsite dedicated lot and limited street parking.

Accessibility: Many of the studios are accessible only via stairs to the second floor

Public Transportation: On the route of the 27 and 32  Metrobus lines.

The studios of over 20 independent artists with diverse backgrounds, philosophies, and practices are in a warehouse strip in Allapattah, Miami. Located off NW 27th Ave and on NW 20th St.- studios divided into Units #2600 to #2666.

Patricia L. Cooke
Regina Jestrow
Lucinda Linderman
Ena C. Marrero
Kim Yantis

Isabel Brinck
Laura Villarreal

Kerry Phillips
Peter Hosfeld
María Leon
Roberto Ojeda
Solange Sarria
Angela Valella

Clara Varas
Jee Park

Olga Saretsky

Christian Bernard

Oolite Arts -17artists

924 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Parking: Paid municipal parking can be found on 1620 Jefferson Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 and at The Lincoln Garage on 1691 Michigan Ave #206, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Accessibility: The building is wheelchair accessible through the front entrance, with elevator access between both floors.

Public Transportation: The nearest city bus stop is Alton Rd & Lincoln Rd Mall. The nearest trolley bus stop is on Meridian Avenue and Lincoln Road.

Oolite Arts mission is to support artists and advance the practice and knowledge of contemporary art. Oolite Arts creates opportunities for experimentation and encourages the critical exchange of ideas through residencies, exhibitions, public programs, education and outreach.

Artists at Oolite Arts receive free studio space, exhibition opportunities, and professional development to advance their careers.

Leo Castaneda
Morel Doucet
Diego Gutierrez
Paloma Izquierdo
Phillip Karp
Nick Mahshie
Jillian Mayer
Xavier Medina
Ernesto Oroza
Marielle Plaisir
Terence Price
Jamilah Sabur
Anastasia Samoylova
Monica Sorelle
Misael Soto
Alba Triana
Frances Trombly

Oolite Arts features an exhibition space, which will have the following exhibition on view: Altered States of Consciousness features 16 artists whose work, although vast in approach, is aligned around the theme of reality versus ‘alternate’ realities. Curated by Claire Breukel, the exhibition features the current residents of Oolite Arts.

Mana Contemporary Miami 777 -16 artists

145 E Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33131

Parking: Ample paid street parking and nearby paid parking garages.

Accessibility: First floor is wheelchair accessible with an elevator to the second floor.  There is a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

Public Transportation: On the route of the 3 and 93 Metrobus lines

With campuses in Jersey City, Chicago, and Miami, the mission of Mana Contemporary is to offer a creative community that continues to develop and evolve with each city specifically. Mana Contemporary is an arts center dedicated to fostering artist communities and public engagement with the arts by hosting artist studios, residency programs exhibitions, performances, concerts, educational programming, among much more. Serving as a hub for artists, creative organizations, and arts education, the identity of each Mana Contemporary campus is a product of those who inhabit and engage with the space.

Based in the historic 777 International Mall in Downtown Miami, Mana Contemporary Miami is a growing arts center that unites artist studios, exhibition spaces, and programming to facilitate conversation and collaboration among its creative community.

Jenna Balfe
Sigfredo Chacon
Osiris Cisneros
Marcela Marcuzzi
Laura Marsh
Jillian Mayer
Kelly McCafferty
Emette Moore
Laurencia Strauss
Rafael Rangel
Fereshteh Toosi
Mariana Smith
Rafael Vargas Bernard
Agustina Woodgate

Artists’ Run Initiatives also in Mana Contemporary
Bookleggers Library
Borscht Corp.
CON_Plex ( Concreta, Orchid.FM, and Noire Age )
Dale Zine
Jolt Radio
Queef Latina Enterprises  
South Florida Registry of Alternative Music and Archive
YáLE Club Social

VOID PROJECTS -9 artists

60 SE 1st St.
Miami FL 33131

Parking: Ample FREE OR PAID street parking and nearby parking garages.

Accessibility: All studios are on the first floor and fully accessible.  There is a wheelchair accessible restroom.

Public Transportation: 2 block walk from the 3 and 93 Metrobus lines

Void Projects is a cultural platform initiated by artist Axel Void. This ‘pop up’ series of artist led projects seeks to encourage a public dialogue outside of the conventional art space. Void Projects is a non-lucrative international concept which returns all profits to participating artists. Void Projects’ intention is to foster a sense of community within our movement and reinforce the ideology of dialogue and cohabitation between artists during the creative process. Searching for a commonplace between tradition and progressive thoughts.

Void Projects is curated by Axel Void and coordinated by Charlotte Pyatt and Elsa Guerra

Thomas Bils
Eric Bonhomme
Christine Cortes
Reinier Gamboa
Ashley Lindo
David McCauley
David Olivera
Reginald O’Neal
Victoria Rose
Axel Void
Nguyen Vu


5755 NW 84 Ave.
Doral, FL 33166

Parking: Parking lot on site and ample street parking.

Accessibility: ADA Compliant.

Public Transportation: On the route of the 87 Metrobus line with an additional trolley service throughout Doral.

Jason Seife
Hugo Diaz
Roy Rodriguez
Eduardo Galliani

Calle Ocho Arts District -12 artists

Parking: Ample street parking.

Accessibility: All studios are wheelchair accessible.

Carlos Alves & JC Studio:

1157 SW 6 Street
Little Havana, FL 33130

Krave Art Studio

535 SW 12th Ave
Miami, FL 33130


Futurama 1637

1637 SW 8 Street
Miami, FL 33184

Parking: Ample street parking- pay by phone.

Accessibility: All studios are wheelchair accessible.

Public Transportation:Bus stop on corner of 17th Ave. & 9th Street.

Futurama was established in 2011 as a creative workspace in the heart of Little Havana. The space houses 12 artist studios and 5 offices. The mission of Futurama is to advance the knowledge and practice of contemporary visual arts and culture in Little Havana through education, exhibition and public outreach programming and to provide affordable work-space for outstanding visual artists in all stages of career development.  

Jorge Alvarez
Jesus Echevarria
Martin Cano Sanchez
Annie M
Santos Mendez
Leonor Murciano
Katey Penner 
Ninoska Perez-Castellon
Joe Woodward
Jose Carlos Rocha Ruiz

The 4700 @ Bird Road Arts District -13 artists

4700 SW 75 Avenue
Miami, FL 33155

Parking: There is a free parking lot on site and ample free street parking.

Accessibility: All studios are on the ground floor and wheelchair accessible.  There are wheelchair accessbile restrooms.

Public Transportation: The Metro Bus 40 route stops on Bird Road, then it’s a short walk to the building.

The 4700 @ Bird Road Arts District is an active and supportive community of more than a dozen artists located in warehouses numbered 4702 to 4734. Collectively, the complex of studios opens every third Saturday of the month to welcome the community as part of the Bird Road Art Walk. As members of a larger community of visual artists in Miami, The 4700 is a thriving collective of independent studio artists in a neighborhood that has been quietly developing artists’ careers for decades.

Nestor Arenas
Rosie Camafreita
Maruchi Carmona
Wayne Dawkins
Jean Font
Iggy Font
Yeins Gomez
Alejandra Linares
Alejandro Morales
Maria Patino
Aimee Perez
Federico Scipioni
Marilyn Valiente

Deering Estate -4 artists

16701 SW 72nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33157

Admission: Reduced to $10 for guests of ARTISTS OPEN

Parking: Free onsite free parking lot.

Accessibility: Fully ADA Compliant

Public Transportation: Not accessible via public transportation

The Arts at the Deering Estate are an integral part of our mission as stewards of Charles Deering’s vision. We strive to include, educate, and enrich the lives of local communities through our dedication to the arts, and we welcome local, national, and international visitors and partnerships.

At the Deering Estate, we engage the public through a diverse season of contemporary and historic exhibits, concerts, on-site Artists-in-Residence, and diverse theatre lab programming for professionals and students.

Rosemarie Chiarlone
Alex Nuñez
Carlos Rigau
Ryan Roa

The Deering Estate’s curatorial staff will be giving a walking tour of their group exhibition, along with all of the participating artists, at 1 pm on May 11. The exhibition, Tension in 3 Dimensions, includes the work of Brookhart Jonquil, Ryan Roa, Carlos Rigau, Kerry Phillips, Karen Rifas, Felice Grodin, Adam Brent, and Felecia Chizuko Carlisle.