Angel Delgado
Havana, Cuba and Las Vegas, Nevada

Artist's Statement

Studied at the University of the Arts in Havana, Cuba, 1984 – 1986; Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba in 1984.

The work of Angel Delgado constantly makes references to individual freedom or the lack of it. His work is largely based on the limitations, restrictions, prohibitions, controls and lack of freedom that you are constantly imposed on human beings in society.

Through keen observation of the everyday and the ordinary, Delgado is trying to transform those objects or situations that are the daily step in photographs, videos, paintings, installations, performance etc, with a poetic that makes us reflect on our lives, about social processes or on the same processes of artistic creation.

He has taken part in individual projects such as Revision, Aluna Art Foundation, Miami, Fl, 2015: Uncomfortable Landscape, Building Bridges Art Exchange, Santa Monica, CA, 2015: Constancy, Amanda Harris Gallery, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2014; Uncomfortable Landscapes, Nina Menocal Gallery, México, 2013. Inside Outside, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, EUA, 2011; Continous Limit, Couturier Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; 2009; Wake Up, Artane Gallery, Istanbul; Constancias, nina menocal gallery, Mexico City, 2006; Memorias Acumuladas, Galería Fúcares, Madrid, 2004. He also has worked as a curator in different exhibitions and is the creator and director of CLOSE UP International Video Art Festival.

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