Andrea Nhuch
Mixed media


Artist’s Statement

When I make art I feel connected. It is intense, liberating, sensuous, fast and precise. I sculpt, mix, apply, wait, break, sort, assemble, place, glue, rearrange, add, secure and paint. My inspiration comes from everywhere with volume or cracks. It ranges from broken NYC sidewalks during construction to Miami Beach Pine trees trunks to spray foam insulation. I strive for a fine balance between volume, shapes and texture. My work is abstract and monochromatic. I tend to favor the simplicity of primary colors and matte finishes. Miami inspires me to play with brighter colors and gloss. 

My favorite tools are flexible and moldable materials that I manipulate into bulky and voluptuous shapes that seem to be sampled from my surroundings. The results are paintings that double as objects. They are alive, invite to touch, break rules, puzzle and delight.

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