New York, NY


Artist’s Statement

AIKO NAKAGAWA aka AIKO from Tokyo, JAPAN. She currently resides in New York. Floral designs, girl cartoons and street pop culture images are all incorporated on her mixed media works. Aiko utilizes both stencil, spraypaint and silkscreen print techniques to create her vibrant large-scale works which often transform “cupcake” images to playfully portray feminine sexuality and beauty. Being an immigrant from Japan, Aiko has herself been discovering Americana-type pop imagery and recreating it in an innovative way. She has recently shown her works, Love Monster Exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York, Apocalypse Wow at MACRO Future in Rome,  The Wynwood Walls at the Deitch Project in Miami, and Animamix Biennale at Shanghai MoCA as well as major galleries and museums in US, Europe and Asia

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In conjunction with Primary Flight, Lady Aiko completed a wall mural on NW 24th St and N Miami Ave. To view more photos go to