Abel Barroso
Havana, Cuba


Artist’s Statement

In the last twenty years, the theme of migration has been a continuous presence in the Visual Arts in Cuba. The constant exodus from the country has consequently created a singular dynamism in the social and domestic relations among Cubans. This situation encompasses both those still in Cuba as well as those who have left, establishing a new type of relationship amid both groups.

Abel Barroso is one of the artists whose recent work has been focused on this theme and on its significance beyond the Cuban context. While many of his peers choose to work from an autobiographical approach, Barroso favors a general commentary, emphasizing on the social aspect. His latest work focuses on the stress of people’s movement into and out of the country, highlighting factors such as the lack of certainty generated by the waiting, and the insecurity of being able to complete the process, as key components of the anxiety. He is commenting especially about the connection, or lack thereof, between the so-called first and third-worlds throughout these migratory processes. In his pieces he represents the exchange between both worlds as a symbiotic analogy, influenced by the social and economic state of affairs that distinguish each place.

Irina Leyva-Perez
(Fragment of Searching for El Dorado: Abel Barroso’s Work, text published in the catalogue of his solo exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts, 2012)

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